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Types of Web Services Available

- Static Website Design and Development
(simple presence on the web)

- Dynamic Website Content (such as e-commerce)
    * PHP
    * JavaScript
    * MySQL Database

- Logo and Banner Designs
- Auction Listings on Ebay


For a simple basic static site with up to 10 pages: $200 + hosting (usually about $95)

Since website creation can vary so much, I price on a site by site basis. I take into consideration how much content is required, how much dynamic content is needed, an estimated completion time, and what graphical elements are required to complete the site. I try to be reasonable and fair in my pricing. I work toward your complete satisfaction.


Types of Computer Services Available

- Computer Checkup - virus and spyware

- Virus Cleanup

- Software Installation
- Software Removal
- Hardware Installation


I charge a flat rate of $20 an hour with a minimum of $20 for coming out. E-mail me for an estimate for the service you desire. I can give you an idea of what it typically costs to come out and do any of the above services.



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